By utilising currently practicing clinicians we ensure our assistance remains informed and relevant; from a user perspective to nationwide regulator requirements.

AHSC's independence, staff diversity and standard terms mean we can ensure your organisations needs, conflict of interest and confidentiality requirements are easily met.

How Can We Help?

We’ve listed suggestions based on others needs but Contact Us to discuss how our skills and knowledge can help you achieve your goals whatever they may be; if we can't help we'll tell you who can.

System Streamlining
• Scoping reviews to inform future opportunities and threats
• Evidence summaries and recommendations to inform governance development
• Review and revision of current policies and processes
• Implement, analyse and interpret performance data measures and, if necessary, recommend changes, to give you confidence in your oversight mechanisms and opportunities for workflow efficiencies

Procurement of services
• Subject matter expertise for tender documents, staff recruitment, assessment panels etc.
• Establish internal operational guidelines to ensure oversight and successful integration of procured services

Education content development and delivery
• Synthesis of policy and processes for easy understanding and practical use
• Via web-based, paper-based or face to face mediums
• Across all key stakeholder audiences – end users, health practitioners, internal staff

User focused
• Clinical advice re individual funding request decisions in line with your unique internal policies to enable prompt decision making
• Implement and/or conduct consumer experience surveys to help you identify and prioritise service improvement initiatives and ensure targeted policy reform and development

Work Examples

National Disability Insurance Scheme
• Technical Advisory Team (TAT) - reasonable and necessary decision making clinical advisory services
• Data analysis to inform policy and process change requirements
• Development and implementation of internal policies and processes
• Training of multi-disciplinary colleagues

State Government funding program regulator
• Individual funding request advisory services and provision of staff education to enable faster in-house decision and reduce need for our services long term
• Review and identify policy and program document updates required
• Scoping review re likely future technology and funding system changes and their impact on this organisations policy and service provision

Public Health Service
• Informed, developed and reviewed profession specific aspects of tender specifications
• Tender evaluation committee participation
• Developed internal policy and process guidelines and procedures to embed recommended changes and enable consistent application of governance arrangements

Jackie is a clinical Prosthetist & Orthotist who has brought to the Technical Advisory Branch an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and expertise across prosthetics and orthotics practice.

Jackie has been instrumental in the development of key P&O resources, tools, processes, and strategic initiatives to help support R&N decision making. We have truly valued Jackie’s knowledge, clinical expertise and experience, professionalism, support and mentoring of peers, leadership and friendship during her time in the Branch.

Deb Clark – NDIS Clinical and Technical Advisory Branch Manager