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Project management across a diverse range of allied health related:
• Policy
• Programs (disability, health, aged care)
• Settings (community service, private, public) and
• Professional groups

Management & facilitation of multiple stakeholders to ensure holistic and collaborative outcomes including across:
• Allied health professional groups
• Regulatory or Government organisations
• Volunteers and paid informants

• Professional standards research, development, revision, implementation & communication
• Research and reports to inform strategy, framework development or other projects your organisation is considering
• Prepare project grant proposals

• Synthesis of policy for communication to practitioners which facilitates practical application
• Content preparation and delivery of professional workshops

Work Examples

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA)
Project management across multiple allied health professions to produce:
• 'Infection Prevention and Control in Allied Health'
• Suite of digital health projects and reports in collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency
• NDIS independent assessor training requirements

Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association
• Workshop development and delivery
Professional competency standards
• Research publications:
Ash, Susan; O'Connor, Jackie; Anderson, Sarah; Ridgewell, Emily, & Clarke, Leigh (2015) A
mixed-methods research approach to the review of competency standards for
orthotist/prosthetists in Australia
. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, 13(2),
pp. 93-103.
Ridgewell, Emily; Dillon, Michael; O’Connor, Jackie; Anderson, Sarah; Clarke, Leigh;
Demographics of the Australian Orthotic and Prosthetic workforce 2007-2012, Australian
Health Review

Australian Diabetes Educators Association
• Education review to inform national professional development framework

National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP)
• Desk-top evidence review and summary
• Initial development of recommended standards

Jackie’s work on the Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) inter-professional network was crucial in bringing together a broad range of health professionals, academics and NGO staff to learn more about topics such as patient-centred care, professional development and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Jackie’s skill and health experience as well as her professionalism and commitment to the project were invaluable in helping us achieve our project goals.”

Lin Oke – Executive Officer, Allied Health Professions Australia