AHSC was founded by Jackie after experiencing first-hand two key challenges:

1. The resourcing difficulties of trying to progress strategic projects whilst getting day-to-day tasks done right now.

2. The dis-connect between the intention of policy developers and the understanding of clinicians upon implementation.

Our Vision

To help our clients limit these two key challenges so together we can achieve more efficient, equitable and sustainable health services for everyone as soon as possible.

We are confident we can assist you with your needs because AHSC staff and clients are working on these things everyday at both policy and practice levels.

Jackie O'Connor: Founder, Consultant & Project Manager

Master of Health Service Management

Bachelor Prosthetics & Orthotics with Honours

Jackie’s experience expands across clinical, managerial, projects, policy, education, research and consultancy positions to provide a unique blend of skills which facilitate the holistic and practical perspective she brings to health service regulation, development and delivery. Jackie’s involvement with such a wide variety of health services, regulators, associations, product suppliers and policy developers facilitates her informed, resource conscious, risk appropriate, tailored approach to working. Jackie’s research and personal needs as a healthcare consumer aid in ensuring all perspectives are considered.

Jackie’s career progression and motivations were summarised by the Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) in 2018

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Jackie's Career Overview

- Project management across a diverse range of allied health policy and practice areas including digital health initiatives, infection prevention and control, NDIS independent assessment training

- Stakeholder engagement & management across multiple stakeholders to ensure holistic and collaborative outcomes including across

- Allied health professions

- New initiatives

- Volunteers and paid input

- Clinical advisory services for various regulators, including National Disability Insurance Scheme

- Synthesis of policy for practical application e.g. NDIS, TGA, ISO

- Service streamlining – evaluation, improvement initiative development, implementation and monitoring

- Market demand evaluation

- Market entry assistance, growth and development and advertising with componentry suppliers

- Professional education development and delivery

- Professional standards development, revision, implementation

- Assistive technology user for chronic disease management (Type 1 Diabetes)

- Person-centred care research (Masters) and document development

- Managerial experience

- A1 metropolitan multi-site tertiary hospital

- Clinical experience:

- Prosthetics & Orthotics

- Private/public

- Paediatric/adult

- National & International

- Health, Disability & Aged Care sectors

- All funding regulator types

- Research publications:

- Layton N, O’Connor J, Fitzpatrick A, Carey S. “Towards Co-Design in Delivering Assistive Technology Interventions: Reconsidering Roles for Consumers, Allied Health Practitioners, and the Support Workforce.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19(21):14408. https://www.mdpi.com/1925282

- Ash, Susan; O'Connor, Jackie; Anderson, Sarah; Ridgewell, Emily, & Clarke, Leigh (2015) A mixed-methods research approach to the review of competency standards for orthotist/prosthetists in Australia. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare13(2), pp. 93-103. http://eprints.qut.edu.au/view/person/Ash,_Susan.html


- Ridgewell, Emily; Dillon, Michael; O’Connor, Jackie; Anderson, Sarah; Clarke, Leigh; Demographics of the Australian Orthotic and Prosthetic workforce 2007-2012,Australian Health Review:http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/AH15147

Rebecca Bowes: Consultant, Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinical Practice Expert

Currently practicing clinician (NSW)

Master of Clinical Rehabilitation

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Bachelor Prosthetics & Orthotics with Honours

Rebecca has been involved with service improvement and integration of new policies and procedures across both public and private sectors in most stages of Australia. Backed by more than 20 years of clinical practice, project and peak association involvement, postgraduate and research studies, Rebecca’s experience is broad reaching. She is passionate about simplifying and streamlining processes whilst ensuring optimal client outcomes.

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Rebecca's Career Overview

·        Alignment of clinical and administrative processes with new policies and systems

·        Establishing and streamlining protocols and procedures

·        Completing submissions and managing projects

·        Established multiple successful outreach clinics and performed annual service reviews with recommendations for service improvements

·        Coordination of conferences, seminars and education sessions

·        Board member – Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association

·        Supervision and mentoring of postgraduate and undergraduate university students in clinical practice and research and development projects

·        Clinical research and publication

Orthotic and therapeutic effect of functional electrical stimulation on fatigue induced gait patterns in people with MS

Barr, Patritti, Bowes, Crotty & McLaughlin

Disability and Rehabilitation Technology, Volume 12, 2017 – Issue 6

·        Reviewer for international journal

·        Clinical experience - private/public, paediatric/adult, acute/rehabilitation/outpatient sectors within a wide variety of funding regulators throughout Australia

Claire Skewes: Researcher & Project Officer

Currently practicing – Tasmania

Master of Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics

Claire has clinical, operational and administrative experience within the public hospital sector. Claire enables fast delivery of AHSC work with her highly efficient and proficient skills in the areas of, IT process efficiencies, professional writing, rapid literature reviews and completion of project tasks.

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Claire's Career Overview

Design and implementation of in-house cost reduction strategies

Online training module development

Development of certification process for scope of practice expansion

Create evidence based clinical resourcesResearch examples for AHSC

Evidence summaries:

Diagnosis specific

Telehealth delivery models

Global demand for prostheses & orthoses

Allied Health electronic health record information requirements

Activity level descriptions via ICF model

Consumer experience data analysis and report writing

Post graduate diabetes education availability

Active AOPA member, advocate and volunteer

Editorial committee member AOPA Review

Data analysis, interpretation and reporting for nation-wide facility survey

Strategic planning guest

Clinical experience across acute, sub-acute and outpatient settings within a broad range of funding regulators

Training and supervision of staff and students to colleagues across nursing and allied health disciplines.

Phillip Parish: Prosthetic practice & componentry expertise

Bachelor Prosthetics & Orthotics

Phil has more than 15 years experience practicing prosthetics and orthotics across clinical, operational and administrative areas of public health. Phil has extensive knowledge in bio- mechanics, material technology and componentry for complex prosthetic and orthotic solutions which informs AHSCs work. Phil is passionate about remaining informed of the latest componentry on the market to ensure optimal and cost-effective client outcomes.

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Phillip's Career Overview

·        Coordination of and presentation within conferences, master classes, seminars and education sessions targeted at a variety of allied health professions and rehabilitation specialists

·        National Council Member – Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (past)

·        Supervision and mentoring of postgraduate and undergraduate university students in clinical practice and research and development projects

·        Clinical experience - private/public, paediatric/adult, acute/rehabilitation/outpatient sectors within a wide variety of funding regulators