Once you’ve done our training and use our templates to write your AT reports you’ll:
* Understand the way NDIS staff are making decisions and why
* Take less time to write your reports
* Only be included information NDIS really need
* Getting faster outcomes
* Have internal processes to incorporate NDIS requirement changes and share knowledge with your colleagues quickly and easily

Basic Training Package : P&O Specific

$3,000 for up to 6 staff (organisations with 3 or less staff
collaborate if desired)

Staff education: 1 x 3.5 hour online live session (or 2x2 hour if preferred)
* Plain language explanation of NDIS reasonable and necessary principles as applied to P&O AT applications

* Discuss key information decision makers are looking for in varying scenarios e.g.
Improved technology
Additional devices compared with previous use
Multi-disciplinary care
Quote detail required
Consumable allowances
Failed prescriptions
Warranty concerns

* Where to address each reasonable and necessary principle in AT template/s & why
* How to write succinct requests
* Practical examples of the same case scenario to compare outcomes
* Trouble shooting options

The session is run in an informal manner with P&O specific examples and
Q&A throughout.

Training Resources Provided

* Each person will complete a participant’s AT request during the session for immediate practical implementation of your knowledge, you can submit post the session
* Generic AT templates with prompts for information inclusion, one for each
Like for Like
Mid-Cost &
Full AT assessment

* Power point presented during session for reference to
education provided – includes links to other additional helpful resources
* Flow chart to assist decision making re which AT template for which participant based on funding pathway options
* Frequently Asked Questions & Answers summary
* Section 34 Report Writing Check list to ensure all aspects addressed each
* Proof of attendance to assist AOPA CPD recognition

Unique Tailoring Options

* Only need some of the above or got really specific questions? Contact us to individualise your training needs or to add / incorporate any of the following:

* Custom templates – review your current AT templates & update as required +$500
* Answer staff questions for 1 month post training as implement +$500
* Review written report & provide individualised feedback +$150 per report
* Contact us to determine rates for:
Travel to deliver training in person
More than 6 staff
Internal process review across NDIS engagement
Assistance developing innovative service delivery models within NDIS framework
Training examples adjusted beyond P&O practice

Other custom aspects you believe our skillset can assist with.

What Other Clinicians Are Saying...

Since participating in Jackie’s NDIS Efficient AT report
writing training and now that I’m using her templates as a guide to write my
reports, I’ve received faster positive outcomes from the NDIS
Carmen Garcia - c-OP Senior Clinician Massons Healthcare

"With more than 20 years experience writing to funding bodies I didn't think I needed Jackie's help with NDIS applications but the way we work together meant I heard her talk about it anyway and I have now learned to look at it from the readers perspective and turns out she had plenty of tips to provide me!"

Lisa Dodds - c-OP Clinical Facilitator AbilityMade